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Keep Eyes on Your Home
The intelligent SWIPE detects not only simple moves, but combinations of moves as well. The high resolution sensor interprets the most complex commands. You will be surprised by the power of your hands.
Discover the power of gestures
The intelligent SWIPE detects not only simple moves, but combinations of moves as well. The high resolution sensor interprets the most complex commands. You will be surprised by the power of your hands.
Black and white
Designed with two versions black and white
Beautiful, just like you
When displayed, SWIPE can be used as a beautifully designed picture frame and allows you to easily change photos whenever you want. It takes just a moment to remove the front panel and you can relive the memories that bring a smile to your face.
Stationary and mobile
SWIPE can be powered by battery (4xAA) or wire (Micro USB), giving you ultimate flexibility.
It matches any interior
SWIPE easily adapts to the décor of any room. You can put it in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or in the office – it doesn’t have to be a typical household device.
Life without SWIPE? Impossible!
Gestures play an important role in our lives. A handshake or thumbs up can say more than hundreds of words. Gestures are often used unconsciously and naturally. It will be no different using gestures to manage your home.
Put in on display…
You can put it on the dresser with your favorite family photos or hang it on the wall among other photographs. It not only looks beautiful, but also reacts to your gestures.
… or hide it!
SWIPE doesn’t have to be used as a decoration. You can hide the device under a kitchen counter, coffee table or desk. SWIPE is magical, so it reacts even through those surfaces! SWIPE your hand over it - that's enough to turn on the lights or radio.
Open the doors to your imagination
SWIPE is a technical masterpiece, which can be used in many unconventional ways. How? It depends on you and your imagination. This extremely advanced device has limitless capabilities for you to explore!
Make life easier
Life can be made easier for the people you really care about. Show them the endless possibilities of a gesture, without even getting up from the chair: ventilate the apartment, turn on the heating or boil water for tea. FIBARO SWIPE, with a favorite picture installed, is the perfect solution for aging people who find modern technology difficult to learn.
Control audio devices
Volume up, volume down, next song, bass boost...Wave your hand and have full control over your sound system.
Reach inaccessible places
See how the impossible becomes possible. Close the skylight windows and blinds with a wave of your hand. Magic? No, it’s SWIPE.
Smart not only at home

The workplace is called a second home for a reason. It is where we spend most of our time. SWIPE will
help you create a friendly surrounding and make the office as comfortable as your home. Control
blinds, lights or a projector - everything with gestures of your hands.

Hands full of dirt?
You can count on your magical assistant!
One swipe of the hand is enough to turn on the lights without getting the switches or wall dirty. Quick, clean and convenient.
Good morning! Time to get up!
Even Monday morning can be made pleasant. You can prepare fresh coffee and a hot bath
using FIBARO SWIPE, straight from your bed. Reach out a hand and swipe to the left to prepare
your favourite coffee. Move your hand to the right and the bathtub will be filled with hot water. That is
the beginning of a beautiful day, don’t you think?
Designed to delight
The world's most innovative technology hidden beneath a beautiful, smooth elegant casing.
SWIPE is simply perfect in every detail so it impresses in every possible way.
Quality and precision
Now it’s your move
It’s really easy. Raise your hand and swipe it down to turn off the lights. Move your hand up for the color LED lights to turn on and light up the room. Swipe to the right if you want to turn the TV and other electronics off. What is your next move?
Wave Goodbye
Going out? With a simple gesture, SWIPE can activate
your ‘Goodbye Scene’, which lowers your shades,
turns off the lighting, and activates the alarm.
There is no simpler solution.
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Nowadays, technology becomes a vital part of our daily life. It is included in most of life aspects. One of the emerging technologies is the smart homes technology. This technology will in unique the structure of the houses in the coming ten years. Smart homes promote comfort, luxury, entertainment, security, and world peace. Altering an existing home to accommodate changing needs can cost up to three times more than including the same features in the initial de- sign. Luminous Tech is one of the leading companies in this eld and offers this technology with a professional and experienced team in this technology. Luminous Tech is one of Al-Faraj group institutions which was established in the year 2000 and specialized in medical equipment. and Information Technology.
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