Smart Home System
Restatex Riyadh
Luminous Technology has the honor to participate in the activities of Ristatex Real Estate Exhibition in Riyadh city in partnership with Aqari company for Real Estate marketing, an affiliate of Salman bin Seidan Real Estste Group.The company has presented its services to visitors of Aqari's booth and introduced the idea of smart home system proximally. The exhibition has achieved a great success by conveying the idea to people and creating awareness for smart home products which contribute to achieving one of the company's goals required of this exhibition.
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Nowadays, technology becomes a vital part of our daily life. It is included in most of life aspects. One of the emerging technologies is the smart homes technology. This technology will in unique the structure of the houses in the coming ten years. Smart homes promote comfort, luxury, entertainment, security, and world peace. Altering an existing home to accommodate changing needs can cost up to three times more than including the same features in the initial de- sign. Luminous Tech is one of the leading companies in this eld and offers this technology with a professional and experienced team in this technology. Luminous Tech is one of Al-Faraj group institutions which was established in the year 2000 and specialized in medical equipment. and Information Technology.
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