Smart Home System
With the quick and clear room viewing option, you can see where lights are on, the roller blinds are up, the windows are open, what the temperature is and whether the alarm has been armed. You will have all these important pieces of information close at hand.
We have made it possible for you to adjust the interface to your needs and requirements. You can add rooms to the selected sections and choose and change room and device names freely, all by yourself.
Additionally, you can add your own icons or select one from among the existing ones.
. Upon entering the "rooms" section, you will see all the rooms which have been added to the Fibaro System. We additionally divided them according to floors, to facilitate room management.
. Select an appropriate room to be able to control all the devices installed therein.
The Fibaro System is the only system in the world which immediately responds to all the incidents which happen in your house. In critical situations, immediate response is crucial, therefore, we have placed great emphasis on ensuring the complete safety of our customers. In the event of burglary, the Fibaro System will immediately send you a picture of the intruder and suggest that you contact the police. Should a water pipe burst, the system will provide you with a list of plumbers within a 10 km radius of your home. This is just a brief outline of the possibilities offered by the Fibaro System services.
Order a taxi using the Fibaro System.
Order your favorite pizza.
If necessary, call medical assistance to your home.
The neighborhood security unit, the police and the security guard are already in the system.
First and foremost, the Fibaro System is about security. Thanks to integration of all devices, you can contact and fully control your house from every location on earth. You don't need to worry about an intruder in your house or forgetting to turn off bedroom light. Your house never forgets! Fibaro will automatically secure and arm itself and inform you about it by sending a message to your mobile phone.
Thanks to IP cameras paired with Fibaro System, you will be able to see your house from every location on earth. Monitor your house when you're not there and always have it under full control!
When combined with our modules, these devices have great potential.
When combined with our modules, these devices offer great potential.
To ensure your and your family safety, we have created announcements to notify you of what is currently going on in your house. In case of failure, burglary or any predefined event, the Fibaro System will immediately send an appropriate announcement to your mobile phone.
The Fibaro System lets you control all the lights in your house with just a touch of your mobile phone screen. By dimming lights you will save both energy and money. Thanks to high compatibility of our modules, they can be used to control any kind of lighting available on the market. Make atmosphere in your house perfectly reflect your mood.
All you need to do to turn the light on/off is click on the "lamp" icon. Do you feel like dimming the light to 50%? It's not a problem, you can do it with a slider. The slider allows you to control light brightness in a smooth way.
Turn on/off all the lights in a room with just one click.
Fast and clear room viewing provides you with information on where the lights are on.
How many times have you forgotten to turn off the light when leaving the house? Given the hectic pace of our lives, it comes as no surprise it has happened quite a few times. Thanks to the Fibaro System, you have control over every room from any location on earth. Thanks to transparent and user-friendly interface you can control any device with just one touch of a finger.
The bottom section of our interface features an additional main menu bar, aimed at facilitating access to remaining system functions. Moreover, you can add shortcuts to adjust layout of the menu to your needs.
We have developed a system allowing for complete control over the temperature and air circulation, both in the whole house and in individual rooms. The Fibaro System can respond to weather conditions by adjusting temperature inside the building. Not only is the possibility to control the climate in your house convenient, but it also helps you save money.
Control the room temperature and create climate you will enjoy. With the Fibaro System you can save energy by only heating rooms which you are in at a given moment.
Too hot? You can easily fix that. Adjust air-conditioning control to your needs. Configure the Fibaro System to automatically reduce room temperature on hot days, surrounding you with ultimate comfort.
The influence of water vapor in the air on our everyday lives does not depend on the absolute amount of vapor, but rather on its content expressed as a percentage, which mainly depends on temperature. The Fibaro System allows you maintain an appropriate humidity level in your house, adjusting it automatically and independently, as per the settings you have chosen.
A good ventilation system is invaluable to ensure a healthy, pleasant and comfortable climate in the rooms of your house. The Fibaro System allows you to control any type of ventilation system, thus ensuring the flow of air into your house. Ventilation systems play an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. The Fibaro System modules will give you full control over them.
An intelligent building combines the electrical system with heating, ventilation, roller blinds control, garage door, sprinklers, and alarm, and audiovisual systems. you can create sequences of actions, i.e. the so-called scenes.
Set the scene for watching a movie. Switch off the lights and turn on the DVD player.
Dimmed lights, a lit fireplace and romantic music playing in the background.
Going out? Just relax. The right scene will turn off all the devices which need to be turned off for you.
When you come back home, your house welcomes you just the way you like it.
Use the Fibaro System to control roller blinds, gates, awnings and garden sprinkler systems. The Fibaro System is the only system on the market which knows an exact position of a roller blind or an awning and presents it as a percentage enabling you to precisely adjust roller blind position, just the way you like it.
Control roller blinds with the Fibaro System. This functionality allows you to precisely adjust position of the roller blinds. Configure a scene and enjoy morning sunshine pouring through your windows.
With the Fibaro System you can control windows in your house. The system senses if windows are open or shut. This way you will always be informed of an open window, which should be shut.
Schedule your sprinkler system to water the garden at a particular hour, while you are resting at home. You won't have to remember to water the garden any more - the Fibaro System will do it for you.
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Nowadays, technology becomes a vital part of our daily life. It is included in most of life aspects. One of the emerging technologies is the smart homes technology. This technology will in unique the structure of the houses in the coming ten years. Smart homes promote comfort, luxury, entertainment, security, and world peace. Altering an existing home to accommodate changing needs can cost up to three times more than including the same features in the initial de- sign. Luminous Tech is one of the leading companies in this eld and offers this technology with a professional and experienced team in this technology. Luminous Tech is one of Al-Faraj group institutions which was established in the year 2000 and specialized in medical equipment. and Information Technology.
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